The next regular meeting is April 14, 2011. Dinner at 6:00 PM and the meeting will start about 7:00 PM.
I encourage everyone to join us. Don't forget that we are still serving breakfast every Wednesday morning at about 7:15 AM. Please remember that our Post Service Officer is available to help you with claims. You can contact him at 236-3111. Our Post Web Site is:  .
Put all your trust in the Lord and do not rely on your own understanding---------Proverbs 3-5
Jenks Maynard; Ervin Edward Nelson Jr; Johnny L Mason; William U Faust Jr; Howard M. Bishop; Samuel B. Orman Sr; and Edward Dean Walker
Hello fellow Legionnaire's. It is hard to believe another month has passed. I know you as well as me are looking forward to warmer weather. Last Saturday we had a group of Ole Miss students to come down to the Hut and helped us clean up, fix up the building and grounds. Having worked with these individuals we can rest east these young people work hard and had a good time doing it. They were really a great group to be around. With their help we were able to install insulation in the ceiling of our building. This should help our heating and cooling problem. We continue to search for individuals to serve as our officers for the coming year. We are getting close to our election and our slate has not been completed. We need your help so please step forward and do your part so that we can continue the outstanding work of our Post. Our membership drive is just about over for the year, Our paid membership stands at 150 members. Our financial status is sound and we had a very good year. As you know our Legion year is 1 July through 30 June of each year. I encourage each of you to do your part for the coming year.
Greetings to all of you. Hope all of you have been enjoying the nice weather. Unfortunately I am still pretty much confined to my recliner. Hopefully this is going to change by the middle of April. I have two things to discuss. The first one is membership dues for 2010/2011 year. If you have not paid (and you know if you are one of these members) you will be dropped from the Post membership roster. If you want to continue your membership you need to send your dues NOW. If you are having some financial problems let us know and we can help you bring your dues up to date. The second item is our 2011/2012 slate of Post officers. We need some of you to come forward and take an officer's position.. These are not difficult jobs and we will work with you to learn the requirements. I would dislike it very much if we had to disband our Post for lack of leadership..Think about serving your Post and fellow Veteran's.  May God guide you in this consideration. Please take a drive by the Veterans Park and see what has been done. We are coming to the end of phase one of the project. We still have the parking lot, some sidewalk work and the monument work to do but we are making progress and it is starting to shape up and look like a park. It is something I am very proud of and I hope that you feel the same way. If so we still need considerable financial help so please remember us if you have a few extra dollars you can spare. I want to extend my thanks to the group of students that came out and helped us last Saturday.
May GOD bless all of you, Russ Fisher, Commander
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